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It may sound dramatic, but it seems like 2022 has never seen so many outdoor decor trends to follow. Designers and brands are sharing their insights at a blistering rate, and are finding that everything from warm colors to modular designs is always becomes more popular and so much more. It’s a lot of information to take in, and if you’ve been thinking about starting your own outdoor project, you may feel overwhelmed by all the advice. That is, until you read Yelp’s just-released report on backyard trends, which is essentially a definitive guide to what’s out there Yes, really Worth trying on your home this summer and beyond.

To create this breakdown of what’s hot right now, Yelp combed through its own data to reveal the biggest home updates, additions, and updates people are looking for. It then entered into a partnership with interior designers and strange eye Star Bobby Berk to curate the list and finalize the trends. What Yelp found confirmed its earlier predictions: 2022 will see a move away from major stay-at-home renovations and “a return to aesthetic and decor trends where artistry, texture, and detail take center stage.” Berk noticed that too. “When it comes to design inspiration and summer decor updates, 2022 will continue to highlight a return to aesthetics inside and out, whether that’s installing a skylight to let in more natural light or adding solar lights to bring out the ambiance of a backyard simply to improve.”

As the report delves into a whole host of trends both inside and outside the home that are following in this direction, we wanted to focus on the backyard-specific moves identified within it to help you with your seasonal planning. You can find the full list (as well as the exact methodology Yelp used to create it) on Yelp’s website, plus a curation of TZR’s top backyard trends from the report above.

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backyard overhauls

According to Yelp data, the focus this year is on creating the backyard look Well, and there are a few updates that get extra love. Landscaping is big, with searches for botanists and gardeners up 22% in April 2022 from April 2021, and searches for landscape borders and pavers up 203% in April.

As you probably already know, indoor and outdoor living is also on the rise. Searches for patio covers are up 66%, and installing glass doors (up 22%) and screen doors for garages (up 254%) are also trending in searches.

70s design

As Yelp puts it, “users have the disco decade on their minds.” In fact, searches for 1970s design increased by 72% in March. Outside the home, these include geometric shapes and patterns, bright color palettes, and rattan patio furniture. As the platform notes, you could also take this in a modern direction with a “chic outdoor sunken lounge with fire pit.”

outdoor lighting

Sometimes the outdoor lights get overlooked — but apparently that’s not the case for Yelp users this year. According to the platform, “Searches for outdoor lighting increased by 30% in February 2022 compared to February 2021”. And Berk agrees. “We all know the importance of proper lighting for our indoor spaces, but we often neglect our outdoor spaces – and that’s a huge missed opportunity,” he said in the report. “Whether you want to hang cafe ceiling lights for ambience or uplights to create an evening glow, it’s an investment you won’t regret. I’ve been using solar lights for years and not only are they easy to install, but they don’t require electricity so you can add them pretty much anywhere.”

Eco-friendly design

Designers told TZR earlier this year that sustainability is playing an increasingly important role outdoors. Now Yelp proves it’s true. The report notes that “the search for electric vehicle charging stations is increasing,” and Berk himself says he recently installed one in his home.

In addition, the report continues, “Searches for solar systems increased by 47% in March 2022 compared to the same month last year, and searches for glass glazing, which increase energy efficiency by strengthening doors and windows, increased by 32%.” Indeed Yelp has seen such strong user demand for information about green business practices that it introduced new green business attributes in April.

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