Short-term rentals are in the spotlight on Marco Island | Leaf Probably

It was an off-the-order issue that sparked controversy, leading to Marco Island residents taking turns to the microphone at Monday’s city council meeting to emphasize their views on vacation rentals. Residents will vote on the ordinance on August 23, and many are angry at its impact.

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“The goal of the group is not registration,” emphasizes Martin Winter. “It’s about regulation and the ultimate goal of banning short-term rentals. It will mean higher taxes, falling home prices, and years of litigation. It does not take into account the opinion of the majority.”

CEO Erik Brechnitz said the board had no choice. They had to put the point on the ballot. A vacation rental registration ordinance would require people renting for 30 days or less to register and comply with rules regarding noise, parking, landscaping and other location-based regulations.

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