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The women-focused carpentry course makes these skills more accessible | Leaf Probably

Students in Wild Abundance Women's Basic Carpentry class work on a group project in July 2021.

As Dallas Conyers walked through her neighborhood near Greenville, South Carolina, she thought about the personal animal rescue she inherited from her father in early 2021.

Some of the kennels, which currently house 12 dogs, would need a complete remodel.

Three days into the project, she briefly considered buying prefab homes to replace the existing structures. But something that big probably wouldn’t fit through the fence, she thought.

You would have to build them yourself.

After all, she brings the skills required for the project.

Earlier this year, Conyers drove from her home to Wild Abundance’s campus near Asheville to take classes in a method of self-sufficient gardening called permaculture. The program included a basic carpentry course for women. Conyers was surrounded by women learning new skills that were predominantly taught and practiced by men.

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